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Repair information for the fall 2018 addition to the ASUS ROG Zephyrus lineup. This is a high-end gaming laptop in the thinnest frame for those specs at the time. Model number: GX531GS-AH76.

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RAM Upgrade Question (Dual Channel)? - resolved

I recently upgraded the memory and ssd in my Asus ROG Zephyrus S laptop. I have since noticed a drop in benchmark scores. The laptop came with 16gb of DDR4 2666mhz. It had 8gb soldered to the motherboard and another 8gb in the only sodimm slot and they run dual channel which is a significant performance increase. I upgraded the 8gb sodimm stick to a 16gb one. Can it still run dual channel with this upgrade?


So after some research I found out that for dual channel to happen you have to have 2 ram modules of the same speed AND the same size. So my 1 8gb and 1 16gb can not run dual channel. The upgrade would benefit me if I did a lot of editing but losing dual channel causes noticeable impact on games. Im switching back to the original setup

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Yes it is showing up as 24gb of ram and is working fine, Im just not sure if i helped or hurt my machines overall performance. And I dont know how to check.


That was my thinking as well but was hoping to find a definitive answer without tearing down my laptop several times. Oh well, I guess ill get started.


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Hi @joshsebert7 ,

I suppose that you could always use a program - example only like this and test it with the 16GB and then the 24GB and note the difference.

just a thought.

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