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Ps 4 pro overheating

Hey my ps4 pro is 1 year old and it overheats when i try to play cod modern warfare 2 it doesn't overheat in singleplayer only in multiplayer if i go in the menu it says ps4 is too hot and its the fourth time it did that at the first week i started playing the game it didn't bring up any error but now all the time. Please help should i delete the game and never play it anymore or what? I dont want to buy a cooler which is just 4 fans for 70-100 dollars.

My ps 4 doesn't overheat from other games like gt sport or r6 siege or any other game just for cod mw2 remastered

I recently started to play the campaing over again on veteran and it doesn't bring up any errors and i am more than half way throught with it.

sorry if my english is bad

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i would recommend doing a thorough cleaning of the PS4 Pro. Depending on where its located or if its inside a tv stand or dresser, it can tend to not have enough ventilation and cause overheating. I would also recommend getting PS4 Pro Cooling Stand. Im sure it overheats for some other games that you just have not tried. Hope this helps!

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I cant clean it because it still has warranty and the ps is located next to the tv and the tv is on a stand but it has enough space to get a lot of air and i will buy a cooling stand then, thanks! I hope it will work


I have the same problem too, only I checked to make sure the fan and vents are clean. My ps4 pro has clear ventilation room . I noticed it shuts down when there’s a lot going on in game or I play graphically demanding games like RE remake 2 and 3


same with me , i play chapter 1 in snow area ps4 notif too hot then hard shutdown , this bug in game?


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It is pretty common problem with ps4 pro.

U need to clean out the heat pipe perfectly( if too much oily dust inside- use IPA to clean it through). Next u need to do is to clean out the fan and area around.

There is very bad thermal paste used as original and I highly recomend to re-paste the cpu/apu and to use new thermal pads on memory chips. There are only few certain brands recomended to use on ps.

When all the dust is out and there is new thermal paste and thermal pads, you will see a big improvement, it will not be noisy anymore and it wikl work much better/smoother.

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