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Die MacBook Familie entstand im Jahr 2006 und ersetzte das iBook als Consumer Laptop.

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Using .DMG file on a Windows PC to burn on a DVD

Hey there, I recently got a MacBook from a friend who for some reason decided to install Ubuntu onto this MacBook. He explained to me that the original MAC OS that was installed on this MacBook was corrupted so he installed Ubuntu. Big mistake from the get go, I can't even figure out the password he has set for this Ubuntu OS so this MacBook is half useless. I have MAC OSX Snow Leopard as a .DMG file on my desktop PC but can't figure out a way to burn it to a SL Bootable DVD to install on to this laptop. Is there any way possible to do this? Am I just screwed?

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Well I know that I need to convert it to an .ISO but any way to avoid using a dual layer DVD or is it the only way to go since it is over the 4.6GB capacity of a single layer DVD.


Since you are talking about Snow Leopard and a new copy of the retail disk is only $29 why go through the fuss. A new copy of the software with no question marks about the contents seen the way to go for me.


* Great minds


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Please spend the $29 and get a retail installation 10.6 disk. It will solve a plethora of potential pesky, persnicative problems.

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Out typed me again. +


I'm only using two fingers. personal note - I was having problems burning the dual layer disks but solved it today


What did it take you to do to correctly burn it to a dual layer disk? Was it done on a Windows PC?


Isn't the $29 DVD just for the upgrade version of Snow Leopard from Leopard? Wouldn't I need an already pre-existing installation of the MAC OSX to use this? Remember the current OS installed is Ubuntu so pretty much I would be starting off from scratch. Do I need the MAC OS Box set instead?


No that price is for a retail full install copy of the OS--you do not need the box set.



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