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Die Nintendo Wii Spielekonsole erschien Ende 2006 und wurde bis 2011 produziert.

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will not power up

last night our lights kept flickering and now the wii will not power up.

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When you say your lights kept flickering, do you mean the lights on your Wii, or the lights in your house? Either way, I would suggest trying a new outlet or a new power cable before opening the device up. Everything inside the Wii is located on the motherboard, and while repair is possible, it's relatively costly. Should a new outlet/cable not solve your issue, here are the guide and the part.

Nintendo Wii Motherboard Bild


Nintendo Wii Motherboard


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I had a problem with mine, we had a momentary power outage in the house and after the power came back on the Wii did not even light up. I unplugged the Wii and plugged it back it a different outlet. No help. Then I unplugged it and left it unplugged over night. The next morning when I plugged it in it worked fine. I spoke with some co-workers who also have Wii's and I have found that this can be pretty common. Anyway it's working fine now.

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