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older multiuser dos question

I have an older medical system that uses multiuser dos 7 gold. The HDD is going bad so I’m cloning it to another HDD but upon booting it comes up with ibmbio.ldr missing or bad. From the reading I’ve done you can’t clone this system because the ibmbio.ldr and other system files are location specific on the drive. Is there not some program I can run like rebuildbcd within that multiuser dos environment so that it updates the mbr to its location and therefore fixes the boot stup?

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Do a “sector by sector” copy which is slow but makes a perfect duplicate.

Acronis True Image backup has this setting in “Creation Mode” If I rememberr correctly.

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I use acronis a lot and always do a sector by sector, the problem is using that novell/ibm version of dos, you have files called loader.sys, loader.com, and ibmbio.ldr that when they’re installed they make an entry into the mbr as to their exact location on the disk and if you boot and and the sequence don’t find those files in that exact location then it won’t boot, just says the files are missing or bad. so the cloning is not a problem but when those files are copied to a bigger different drive, then they’re not at the exact location specified, as sector, cylinder and track.


O.K. so you understand "sector by sector".

I guess this was a copy protection method.

Another solution, and this is just delaying the inevitable, is using Steve Gibson's "Spinrite" to some what revive the old HDD. If there is lots of room on the disk this could last even longer if it is just the drives magnetic medium that is the problem.

A very knowledgable techie could rewrite the mbr to match the locations of loader.sys, etc. Don't know of a program that would automatically do this. But I wish you luck.

Many years ago I remember using a debugging program that let you step through each step of the process.


I was hoping an old coder here may remember how to modify the mbr to do just that. Thanks


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