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Reparaturanleitungen für Fahrzeuge der Marke Isuzu.

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Isuzu Gigga V10 engine torque settings

hey i need assistance with torque settings for an Isuzu Gigga V10 engine . the engine number is 10PEI-164725

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Tariro Ngove tell us what Giga this engine is out of. V10 Diesel?


hie, what exactly do you mean when you say what is it out of so i know what to ask my mechanic


As far as i know the vehicle is a an Isuzu truck and it needs an engine orvall done, its an Isuzu Gigga and the engine is a V10


Tariro Ngove Isuzu Giga is a model,that is where I got lost. My mistake. It was made for the Japanese market and it appears as if they were also used in Isuzu C and E model trucks

The engine you need the data for would be :

ISUZU 10PE1-S Engine

Type: 10 cylinder V type OHV direct injection

Bore x Stroke: 127x 150mm

Displacement: 19001cc

Compression Ratio: 18.0:1

Power output: 265 kw @ 2300 rpm (360hp)

Torque:1245 Nm @1400 rpm


help me for the parts catalogue of Isuzu 10PE1 engine . thanks a lot.


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Tariro Ngove  here is the document with all the engine torque settings. Isuzu 10PEI V10 Torque settings Let us know if this will work or if your mechanic needs more information. Welcome to iFixit and we’ll try and find whatever we can

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thnak you, if more information is needed ill get back to you. thank you once again.


hey please may you also assist me with:

1) injector pump timing degrees

2)crank shaft jornal size mains and big end specifications

3) crank oil clearance

4) filter numbers

5) clearance numbers

i hope i stated everything correctly, hoping to hear from you soon


hie, im failing to download this manual


Tariro Ngove do you get an error message when you try?


Thank you, managed to download


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