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Budget laptop released by Hewlett-Packard in 2015.

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Can I add more memory to my HP Stream 11-r010nr notebook?

Am I able to add more memory to what is already installed in my HP Stream 11-r010nr notebook/

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Wenig Aufwand, große Wirkung.

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The SSD is soldered as it is eMMC. The RAM is also soldered and most of these only include 2GB of RAM.

The problem with these is they’re 8.1 with Bing systems and they have special requirements in terms of specs that Microsoft expects to get the discounted licence. They need to have 32GB or less for storage (type doesn’t matter, but most use eMMC) and less then 4GB of RAM (most use 2GB to be safe). You will need a laptop with an actual upgrade path if you want to be able to upgrade anything.

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