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How can I use this LED strip light with 2 negative wires and 1 positiv

I bought this LED strip wire for my tail light, usually the connection is 1(+) for tail, 1(+) for brake, and 1(-) for ground, but this LED strip had caused me headache switching the wires, results are confusing but both red(brake) and orange(tail) lights should work separately.

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Update (06/27/2019)

this is where I bought the Led strip. I so wsnt to make it work


Block Image

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cari valentin what model is your bike and what model is your LED strip? Post some images of all the stuff you have with your question. that way we can seee what you see. Bilder zu einer vorhandenen Frage hinzufügen


Hi oldturkey03, it's a local brand Rusi Mojo 110 -here in Philippines (ducati monster 696 look alike)


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I am going to need a bit more information to assist you with this. Please provide me with the make and model of the motorcycle so that I can pull up the wire harness and also a picture or link to the LED you are attempting to use.

Then I can help you a little more. The brake light will also need to be capable of running as a running lamp. as well as triggering a brake light.

This might help you also




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Hi Montgomery, thank you. My motorcycle has a local brand here in Philippines which is Rusi Mojo 110 (ducati monster look alike) but the LED strip I bought was from I guess China, I got used to 3-wire connection for tail lights and it's always only 1 ground. I will send you some pictures shortly.


Originally, my tail light has around 10 LEDs but when some aren't working, my dad did some soldering so he was still able to keep 5 LEDs on as tail light/running lamp, they stay on but I tapped a turn signal bulb as the brake light because it's only a 2-wire connection + and - |

Where can I send the pictures best?


Sorry I didn’t see this notification, anyway if you want to send the pictures still you can send it to Montgomerykern@icloud.com


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