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The model UA40F5500AM is a 40-inch smart television produced by Samsung.

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There is a power but no display

Why No dispaly but there is a sound

Update (07/04/2019)

What is the problem of no display but there is a power and sound?

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eyrick24  we need to know the exact model of your Tv as well as what you have checked.

First, you want to shine a flashlight beam at an angle against the screen (TV set to a channel that has audio, etc.) and see if you can make out shapes/silhouettes. If so, then the issue is with your backlight. Either the power board or the backlight array. If you do not see anything, you will have to consider removing the back from your Tv and check the boards. Start by removing the cable from the power board to the main board, then turn your TV on. This should force your backlight on. If that works properly, you will have to measure the voltages from the power board to the main board. Let us know what you get with all of this. The error can be T-con board/Main board/Power board/ Panel so you really have to do some good troubleshooting. Post some good pictures of your boards with your question. That way we can see what you see.

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Could you please clarify something for me, In order to replace the main board in my Samsung tv model code UE40D5000PWXBT, should I look by the board number , in this case BN41-01747 , or by the part number BN94-04593E? Do they have to mach the old part and the replacement part?

Or , only the tv model code is important ?


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