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Haswell business laptop introduced by Dell in 2013. This system is notable for being the first Haswell business laptop released. The battery will operate the laptop for 4-7 hours, depending which battery your system is equipped with.

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The num lock is not working

is it possible to get the num lock working

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Hi ,

Check in BIOS to see if the Number Lock enable setting is set to Enable.

To get into BIOS, start the laptop and press F2 when the Dell logo is on the screen.

Navigate to the Table.9 POST Behavior menu and check the setting.

Here’s a link to the owner manual for your laptop. Scroll to the top of p.52 which shows which keys on the keyboard to use to navigate through the BIOS menus. Take note of the function of the Esc key if you have to alter the setting and want to save the change.

Scroll to p.58-59 to find the information regarding the Number Lock setting.

If the setting is already enabled, try using a USB keyboard connected to the laptop, just to verify that the number lock function is working and that it is not a software problem.

If it works when using a USB keyboard then most probably it is a hardware problem with the number lock key itself.

Has any liquid been spilled onto the keyboard in the area around the key?

It may be possible to just repair the individual key.

Here’s a link that may be of some help.

I don’t know the supplier in the link and there may be other similar suppliers online (I didn’t look after I found this one) if you wish to pursue this option.

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The keyboards on these machines seem to have a reliability problem that perists as the machines age even though current/new owners replace them as it happens and I'd bet many of them are replacements. I'm on my 5th keyboard with my E6540 (4 replacements/1 factory) so it's a common fault. The keyboard is a consumable part with how often it fails. Since my warranty expired I moved to a model of waiting until the keyboard controller shows obvious failure signs that are causing it to fail with how expensive it would be to fix over a key failure, especially if you don't use it a lot or at all.

You want a keyboard with a solid warranty to cover yourself as even the replacements share this problem almost as bad as the ones these laptops generally came with. In addition to needing a good warranty (but paying more for the part), you can install a backlit one if you cannot find the non backlit part if yours didn't come with it - Dell designed it with a single flatflex and the keyboards are easily interchanged. The keyboards from PartsPeople have a 1 year warranty but you will pay a lot more for it. The backlit keyboard can be found here. You can get the non backlit part if you don't want to do the upgrade but it's easier to get then the non-backlit in some cases as they seem more common on used machines.

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The PartsPeople one has outlasted the Dell warranty replacement parts as well - 3 months average vs 6-present day on the PartsPeople one.


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