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SCREEN SIZE 46" (117cm), 16:9 TV SYSTEM Digital: DVB-TAnalog: B/G, D/K, I,L,M Year: 2012-2013 http://www.sony.com.sg/electronics/support/televisions-projectors-lcd-tvs/kdl-46hx855/specifications

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Why is my tv showing vertical lines on hdmi and tv but not on the menu


my tv (sony bravia KDL-46XBR45) is showing vertical lines, all evenly space, but only on hdmi and tv, not on the menu screen.

here are some images



is there anything i can do?

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Did you try different HDMI port, different HDMI cable, different signal source e.g. DVD player, different input source e.g. AV or component video to see if you can isolate the problem?

What have you tried?


@jayeff none of the ports work (av, hdmi, tv) they all show the same lines, apart from the menu screen


Did you find out the fix? I also have thos problem. Evan when i go on youtube on the app webbrozer the picture is perfect except the video box in the middle of the screen has the same lines.


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Here’s a link to the video troubleshooting flowchart from the service manual for the TV.

Following the chart using the symptoms you describe indicates a possible FBA board or board connection problem.

p.49 in the manual shows the location of the board and p.63 shows the part number.

The board may not be the problem it is only a possibility

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Hi, I had the same problem, and what it worked for me it was changing the image settings so on I had some HDMI ports on Vivid image, Cinema Image; and when this problem happened the only port that didn’t have the lines problem had the Personalized settings, so I changed the other ports to personalized image and the lines where gone:

1- Go to image settings

2- Change the image to Personalized

Hope it works for you as well.

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