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Repair and disassembly information for amplifiers in home audio systems.

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Capacitor replace, original 27000uf 80v replace with 22000uf 105v


I got a Sherwood AX-9030 amplifier with two big 27000 if 80v caps, which have seen better days. Left channel is lower volume untill the main volume gets turn up and down again.

So, can I replace the 27000uf 80v caps with 22000uf 105v or 33000uf 63v caps? As these are the only ones that will fit (51mm x 105mm).

Block Image

Block Image

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Hi @jeppeman ,

It is not wise to replace capacitors with other capacitors that have a lower working voltage rating, as they will blow if their voltage rating is exceeded, so that rules out the 63V capacitor.

Using a higher voltage rated capacitor is OK but if it has less capacitance it will affect the performance.

Here’s a link to a supplier of some capacitors that have the same parameters as yours. Click on the datasheet link next to the one that you want and check its’ dimensions to see if they fit.

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Hi Jay

Thanks for the reply. I'll aim for a replacement part identical to the original. The mouser cap actually fits as per the datasheet, but the size description is on the page is wrong. Thanks a bunch man!


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