Fixing DJI Phantom 4 Smart Battery that has gone below reted voltage

I know I can fix this with the proper guidance. I have a DJI Phantom 4 Battery that went below the low voltage level. I know this can be fixed by just getting at the batteries and charging at a low voltage until they reach the level required by the smart battery software. The issue is I know there are other things you need to do or the battery will not work. I know this because i watched a video of one being repaired but it was in a different language and I could not figure out all the things the guy was doing to fix it. Is there anyone out there that has a guide on how to do this? Thank you!

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hello , sorry to bring up a old thread , butI am having the same problem.

I've replaced all the ribbon cables inside. done firmware updates.

the P4 flies but only after the battery has been inserted and powered on for at least 2 minutes or more. I do not have a extra battery to test , but I think its the circuiton the battery preventing power being delivered as soon as it is turned's almost like along delay.

any idea what this is?


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