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Lid stuck shut and wont open so cant use

My HP 840 P elitebook won't open oh, that is stuck shut. I use it almost every day and today for some reason it will not open. I do have it facing me the correct way to open. Lol. ( Read online sugestion ) Somehow a latch must have been engaged to lock shut.

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It sounds like the hinges are stiff from how you described it to me. You will need to get the laptop open to replace the hinges, unless they can be adjusted. Since HP loves Torx and uses it to an inch of the laptop’s life (with this being no exception) get a T8 Torx because you will probably need it. For the Phillips screws, a #1 driver will work.

When you open the laptop, put one hand down on the component side and force (but not damage) the lid to open - this method is far safer on business systems like yours due to the more stable chassis. Once you have the laptop open, remove the bezel and inspect the hinges. You may be able to salvage it by tightening the screws that support it, but more then likely you will need to replace them once you have it open. Refer to this guide to check the screws and hinges. Check eBay for a known good used set - HP doesn't sell new parts for the Core 2 Duo laptops - including the business series.

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