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Reparaturanleitungen für optische Laufwerke

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Is this drive look nonstandard?

Individual drive:

Block Image

Compared to a normal IDE laptop optical drive:

Block Image

Since my primary external drive is one of those with a soldered USB port (and is a throwaway when it fails), I found two laptop optical drives that I haven’t used in years - one of which is a HP Lightscribe drive (I know the LS functions aren’t really practical today, but it will work as a standard burner) and a drive I pulled from an T43 that was a parts machine. The IBM drive is the one I don’t know if this is standard or one of the many nonstandard connectors IBM has created. I think it’s nonstandard because it doesn’t look right (and it’s an IBM drive), but I have also read this is a standard IDE drive (UJ-822B) so it may be a hotswap friendly connector based on the IDE specification - I’m not entirely sure.

Is this drive look like a standard IDE drive I can get an enclosure for (albeit hard to find) or is it look like it’s a proprietary IBM part?

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They are both non-standard. This is the one I would look for:

Block Image

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The HP drive (bottom) is standard IDE. They didn't do anything special to the drive like IBM may have.


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