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The Samsung SyncMaster 245B is a 24-inch LCD (liquid-crystal display) monitor with a TFT (thin-film transistor) active matrix.

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Does this monitor work well with DVI->HDMI adapters?

I am asking this because I rescued this monitor from storage after years of sitting, cleaned it up and it worked. However, I noticed an issue with my DVI to HDMI adapter (The specific adapter I used can be found here) and I got a check cable message. The issue is when I hooked it up to my T420 using the DVI compatible dock I have directly with DVI, it worked fine.

The second reason I am asking is this person also has another Samsung monitor from 2015 without HDMI. When it’s time to replace their Win7 computer I don’t trust to be properly Win10 compatible (although I am open to trying if they want to!!!), we may reuse that monitor. If we do I'm concerned with how compatible it will be now that I’ve encountered this problem with the old monitor from the same brand.

What is the success rate with this monitor and the HDMI adapters? Normally I would look at a write-off on such a monitor, but this is a 16:10 1920x1200 and these aren’t the most common things - partially because the people who use them tend to hold onto them. I’m reluctant to spend a lot on repairs, but what could cause this strange incompatibility?

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It turns out that adapter was just a piece of junk. This adapter I got for someone else worked.

It’s probably picky because of the 1920x1200 panel being more then you’d expect a $5 adapter to be used for.

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