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Repair guides and support for Lenovo's line of consumer-oriented laptops, the IdeaPad series, first announced January 2008.

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Can’t find replacement ic chip? Any ideas?

Hey guys. I have a Lenovo flex 5 1570 81ca. I stupidly plugged in a usb cable that was double sided. I wanted to transfer files from laptop a to b. Well,I didn’t really know about the whole master slave thing,so basically it shorted the usb port temporarily…(I saw other people had this happen too).

The usb now is inconsistent with recognizing devices. My other USB port works fine though. It’s only the one I screwed up that has issues.

I looked at the motherboard under my microscope and see no visible damage. I am assuming it’s probably a bad usb controller ic. I’m willing to buy that part to try to replace it. But the number on the top of the ic(awvaac) brings up nothing online at all. There seem to be no schematics available at all either for my model laptop. I am baffled.

Does anyone have any idea if there are other sources to find “hard to source” components? I can easily solder it on. But I’m not used to working on laptops and I just have to guess this chip is why I have my problem. But it’s hard to replace it if I can’t find the chip. Does anyone else have this kind of thing happen to them where you can’t find the chip by searching the number on it? Any websites you’ve found to maybe find ic chips better than google?

Thanks for any help… and yes,I’m a dumb A.

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in the middle of cooking supper right now so am making this quick. Mouser, Digikey and https://old.reddit.com/r/AskElectronics/


Thanks for the response. I tried Digi-Key and mouser. The number on the chip is weird and brings up no search results. I’m probably screwed. I just hoped someone would have an idea about other places to look.

Thanks again.



@skyethespy what motherboard is this? Should be something like a LA-E541P Post the number of your board so we can at least try to assist.


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Maybe see if the cost of a doner motherboard would be workable

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