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Released in 2006, identified by model number PP20L for e1505

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Can I replace the PP22L Dell screen whole assembly?

My laptop was falling down at 2 meters height and suddenly the screen holder was broken but the unit is still working. The only problem is, it can’t close/open properly due to the broken screen holder. What should I do?

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Hi @mccjong

If possible take some pictures and let us have a look…


Im not sure if it is Inspiron 1520-PP22L

If this is the model….

IMO the parts if direct from Dell, which likely not available as EOL, or from aliexpress / amazon / ebay can be costly ... not economic to repair to just buy the body / frame parts.

If this laptop is sentimental / important, and you still wish to get it fixed, consider getting this same model in ebay … listed as is or for parts, which is much cost effective.



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