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Repair guides for the HP LaserJet 1160/1320, a laser printer made by HP. The LaserJet 1320 has a duplexer and networking options, but the LaserJet 1160 does not.

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I get ink smudged down edge of paper when printing

When printing, there is smudged ink from the cartridge down the edge of the paper every time I print.

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Hi Mark, what had you tried?

Had you tried checking on the toner?

Do you have a spare toner? If so, install and print again. Observe the results

There are some possible reasons why you are getting this….

Share with you on the links below for an idea:



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Just buy “paper path cleaner” sheet and use as directed until prints cleanly

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your catriage may be over filled.

your catriage may have encountered problems, may need replacement.

try checking the catriage cleaner to know if it is over soaked then clean it

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