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Nintendo GameCube Controller DOL-003. Erschien im November 2001, kompatibel mit dem Nintendo GameCube, der Nintendo Wii und der Nintendo Wii U. Reparaturen an diesem Gerät sind nicht kompliziert und erfordern nur gewöhnliche Werkzeuge.

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Left joystick is pulling to the right

My left stick pulls to the right, not consistent strength and not consistently all the time. I have tried a button reset (start, x, y) but that does not work. Any suggestions on how I can fix it w/out putting in a whole new stickbox?

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@discardedcouch sound like a worn out analog joystick (weakened springs most commonly). Not much you can do but to consider replacing the joystick. This Nintendo GameCube Controller Joystick austauschen would get you where you would need to be to solder a new stuck in place.

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Same things is happening to me, I bought a new TV and my Gamecube controller (an original one) started tilted to the right often when I pull left… it looks alright and centered on the controller but for example on Smash Ultimate menu or character selection, it often goes back to right when I want to go left… I managed to play online for an hour and then it happened again… I don’t think the TV or even the GC adapter is faulty cause my other Gamecube controllers are working fine for the moment. So it’s a spring problem ? Weird that if happened so suddenly, I mean two days ago it was fine… but I think I’m gonna try to open the controller to see.

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