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Modell A1990 / EMC 3359. Kam im Mai 2019 mit neuen 6-core oder 8-core Prozessoren heraus.

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My screen has a purple scar and screen is always black

My screen has a purple scar and screen is always black, anyone knows how to solve, if it need reparation or substitution of the screen?? Maybe can be covered by warranty?

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Is that not a crack on the bottom left??


It seems not to be a crack, at least not in the front screen. Inside maybe


Your display is made up of two plates of glass the back one is cracked which is why your screen is discolored. It looks like something was on the keyboard and the lid was closed pushing up as you closed the lid the black circle is the pressure point of the object.


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@cento2 sorry, but that is a crack. Your outer glass is not cracked but the LCD screen is. The only way to fix it is be replacing the display.

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Connect an external monitor or a TV to it. you will then know if it is a crack or not

if not it will show up on the external monitor

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