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The second generation of the Recreational Active Vehicle with 4-Wheel Drive, commonly known as the RAV4.

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Why do I keep getting catalytic converter codes.

I replaced my 02 Rav4s catalytic converter& all 4 sensors approximately5 years ago when cel light came on with cat. codes.vNot many miles are put on car. per year.

cel back on with p0420 and p0430 codes. Replaced both o2 sensors. Light still on after clearing codes. Heard conflicting reports about Toyota dealership can reflash edu to correct false codes. True or False? Heard this is a common problem with Rav4s

True or False?

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Thanks Duane. It was an aftermarket cat. It was made by Walker and it did last a long time. Just was hoping I didn't have to replace the cat again. Thanks


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TRUE for a TSB, it may be online, its for a computer reflash, when you replaced your cats before, did you use new Toyota parts, very expensive or aftermarket parts. AM parts are not very reliable. You should not replace parts without proving why a code is thrown, a shop with a good scanner that can monitor data that appears to be like an oscilloscope trace would be fine. It is possible that the cats are weak now and the rear O2 sensors are active when they should not be active, meaning the cats are weak, not a problem with the O2 sensors.

You cannot have any air leaks, exhaust leaks may be a better name, this will skew the O2 sensors, even a pin hole so beware. If you have an IR temperature reader, the inlet to the cat should be 50 degrees F less than the outlet, if not after a drive and a quick check, then the cat is not good. With a scanner be sure the Readiness Monitor has completed also. Check for a TSB to replace the manifold on this model also. Ask the dealer about special service campaign 601. All cats must have a long warrantee such as 5 year, 50k miles, check your receipts.

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