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Das neue Smartphone Flaggschiff wurde von Huawei im April 2018 vorgestellt. Modell CLT-L29.

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My P20 Pro only has service when plugged into a charger.

I took my phone to a repair shop as i completely smashed my screen.

He managed to replace the screen but now my phone will only connect to Vodafone network when plugged into a charger.

If i remove the usb from the charging port it goes to no service

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Sounds like the battery may have gotten disconnected and/or died.

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Changed the battery and still the same issue. Replaced the Antenna as well. Any other suggestions?



I'm facing the same issue after replacing my battery's

were you able to solve your issue ?


Hi, same problem for me. After battery replacement, signal is ok only under charging or if I connect hear jack. Any suggest?


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