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A series of Gigabit NAS desktop drives of 1TB, 2TB, and 3TB varieties, made by WD in 2010.

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does not power up and totally dead

i was using it a couple days before and everything is normal. then, when i try to plug it again on my laptop, it does not power up. not pretty sure if it is the power supply. I checked my usb cable and it seems its okay… what might be the problem?

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Use this teardown to open it up and remove the hard drive:

Western Digital My Book Live Teardown

You can now try it ion a new enclosure.

External Drive Enclosures

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Make sure this isn’t a WD Ware drive - the Ware drives are usually from 2010-present while 2009 and older is safe - usually. If it shows as blank in a generic enclosure, it is a Ware drive and you can’t recover the data without a WD USB bridge.

The problem with WD Ware is the WD PCB is needed to decrypt the drive - BUT from what I understand it doesn’t matter where the PCB came from, as long as the model of the drives are the same. I think the capacity can even be different but it’s better to do a 1:1 capacity match IF POSSIBLE (Ex: 2TB failed with a used 2TB Live). The problem is if the key is no longer shared like early Ware drives, this can potentially invalidate the key and you will lose your data. If you value the data, go to a professional or try and save the matched PCB you have unless you know which chips have the encryption key.

After you get the data off, put it on a non WD drive - or a custom one with a WD drive installed an an open market enclosure. These encrypted drives are a death sentence when the WD bridge dies as it is known to after a few years. The drives are more reliable then the bridge, so a unique encryption key that only works with that pair or series is data suicide.

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I have the same issue, took the drive apart, the hdd is good but seems the power board is dead.

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