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New battery smelling sweet and fruity

I just received a brand new Huawei P10 Plus battery from here, and when I opened the packaging it had a very strong sweet smell. Now that I’ve removed the battery from the packaging, it still has a milder sweet smell to it. It seems to be mainly coming from a single corner of the battery. Is it still safe to use?

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It is safe to use. It seems that a lot of batteries that I've been buying in bulk from iPhones have a similar smell which is the smell of a brand new battery.

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Hi @benjamen50

This is interesting.....

Saw some forums ... either use with caution or it is normal.


Hopefully more people will share experiences like you.


Usually it is OK unless it is visibly punctured.

If it is defective what will happen usually is that the battery will suddenly start to drain fast and in the end it will puff up.

So if it starts to suddenly drain fast dispose the battery (Warranty first if possible) and get it replaced.


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