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Dies ist die kleinere kostengünstigere Version von Samsung zehntem Galaxy Flaggschiff-Smartphone, das im Februar 2019 auf den Markt kam. Es wird mit Android 9.0 (Pie) geliefert.

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Can I use a G970F replacement screen on a G970U?

Simple question, in the title. I live in Europe and I have a S10e from the US. Can I use a G970F screen on a G970U1 or do I have to get a specific one for my model? Thanks!

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Generally speaking after the S6, things began to actually be somewhat standard - however, that isn’t always the case depending on the phone. You NEED to check with Samsung to be sure - even today.

In the US, we have 2 primary models. We have the S10 U1 (subsided, SIM locked and customized for each individual carrier and KNOX boot signature enforcement on AT&T/Verizon variants) and the S10 U (factory unlocked from Samsung with stock ROM and no subsidy).

The U1 is based on the factory unlocked phone, which is why you can use a U1 screen on a U and for carrier locked ones, pick the carrier specific screen with the best price with sellers who pull that stunt.

All that about the screen being said, the U vs U1 board differences are critical if it’s a Verizon or Sprint (See my S3/N2 commentary) phone as they are veteran CDMA carriers and still restrict based on the IMEI range. It doesn't matter on AT&T or T-Mobile phones as much as long as the radio support matches and you can unlock it without worrying about a payment plan being left behind (and future blackisting). The problem is these things are commonly financed and they tend to be forgotten about and blacklisted once sold.

MNVO phones are less known unless we know your MNVO and can figure out if they lock U phones or buy U1 phones from the tower owner.

However, you may not be able to use a Sprint screen on any other phone. This is not a new issue and it goes back to the S3/Note 2. The problem with the S3/Note 2 that kind of led to Sprint phones being partially condemned as donor devices (for average people) is the heatsinking. These phones were released when Sprint was transitioning from 3G CDMA to 4G WiMAX (which failed) to 4G LTE. They were released in 2012 - which is when Sprint stopped selling new WiMAX phones and going to 4G LTE like everyone else. They were released when Sprint was in limbo between WiMAX and LTE, which complicated things more then necessary.

Because of the significant radio differences between the Sprint and GSM (AT&T/T-Mobile) boards, you can’t use the Sprint screen on GSM variants of those phones. It wasn’t an issue on the GSM phones as the screens were easily interchanged - they were basically the same phone with a different model number, software and subsidy locks.

To be fair to Sprint here, the Verizon Note 2 had the same problem because they were still transitioning from CDMA to LTE as well, whereas the S4/Note 4 and S5/Note 5 are questionable. It wasn’t until the S6-present are standard enough it (probably) doesn’t matter with Verizon. Sprint phones are still suspect because of how many weird revisions have existed in many Sprint Samsung phones.

While F phones are designated for Europe, there probably isn’t much difference from the US models in terms of compatibility - European owners don’t even have to worry about the dreaded FCC ID that ends in P over there - that’s a US issue we have to suffer with alone.

It may even be better then how we know it in the US because unlike the US (except California, which expects 7 years of parts availability) because the EU has real legislation on the matter to the point these things need to be repairable by law - whereas in the US you can rig it to fail in 1 year exactly and legally get away with it.

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@lochy59 the Galaxy S10 E 2019 uses the same display assembly for the SM-G970, G970F, G970U, G970N

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