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Mobilversion von Apples iPad Air der 2. Generation. Modellnummer A1567

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My Ipad air 2 screen comes off


After having the display and the battery on my ipad air 2 replaced (by a repair shop) it slowly comes off. I brought it back the first time and when they gave it back (today) it was already coming off again. At that point they gave me my money back and said it can’t be fixed.

Obviously I’m a little afraid they did something wrong that can’t be repaired…

Anyway, now I’d like to fix it myself since I’m familiar whit these kind of work.

Can you suggest a good procedure to remove the old tape/glue (should I use acetone?), is there something in particular I should be careful because it may be the cause of the coming off of the display?

Here are some pictures of the ipad (notice that I just got it back, I’m quite sure that it will come off more in a day or two).

Also, it seems that they used some glue, while they told me they used tape (a 3M branded tape).

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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In addition to the answer provided by Kevin, check all 4 sides of aluminum frame (corners as well) and straighten them out if they are bent/warped, a bent sidewall will cause screen to not sit flush and slowly come off over time.


Thanks Sammy. I'll be sure to look at that too... I really hope they didn't damage the frame, it already seems they did a very poor job :(


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It looks like they didn’t do a very good job sealing it back up, perhaps using so much adhesive, or layered tape/adhesive, as to lift the screen. But you already knew that.

If the separation isn’t too bad, you might get by with some clear tape, an epoxy/adhesive like Sugru where the separation is. Depending on your tolerance for a slightly jerry-rigged solution.

Getting the screen off again is a bit of a job, though do-able. If you do want to start over, you’d want to use isopropy alcohol (preferably 90% alcohol or more), and then either Tessa Tape or one of our adhesive kits.

Tough call, and I can’t know how hard it will be to remove the glue they used. A DIY tape/adhesive/Sugru solution seems like the best way to go.

iPad Air 2 Wi-Fi Adhesive Strips Bild


iPad Air 2 Wi-Fi Adhesive Strips


Tesa 61395 Tape Bild


Tesa 61395 Tape


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Thanks Kevin, I think I will try to take the screen off and do the job since I already own the screen/battery replacement kits + the adhesive kit for the ipad air 2 (I bought both the screen and the battery from here along with their relative kits)

I'll probably post some more pictures once it's open, if you don't mind having a look at them and telling me if everything seems allright.


Sorry, one more question. In case I'd like to buy the Tessa Tape, which variant should I buy ? They go from 1 mm to 8mm



@carminedf The 1mm tape is what we link from the guide, but the adhesive kit would be the easiest go, since there are a few sections where it's thinner or thicker. Just a bit of scissor work, really, but your choice. If you have an unused screen adhesive kit, that's the way to go!


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