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Dies ist die 6. Generation der Moto G Reihe von Motorola. Dieses Smartphone kam 2018 auf den Markt und verfügt über eine Glasrückseite, die leichter auszubauen ist, als bei Samsung Smartphones. Die Modellnummern sind XT1925-4, XT1925-5, XT1925-6, XT1925-12 und XT1925DL.

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How to replace the usb type c connector?

I saw the video from a few years ago where Andrew worked with Jessa to replace the USB connector on the Glalaxy S3 but that was a regular USB port

I was wondering if anyone tried to do the same thing with the USB-C type connector

I noticed on the video that it was installed with the soldering iron by soldering the pins to the pad

The problem with the USB-C is that it has 2 rows of pins so there is no access to the inner rows so you can’t use the soldering iron so the hot air needs to be used

The problem I am having is that by the time the solder melts the plastic material that separates the pins starts to melt at a lower temperature so it damages the connector

What is the best way to install this type connector ?

Can this be done with just a hot air station or do I need to preheat it from the bottom maybe ?

Block Image

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Sta Tus not sure who Andrew and Jessa are but in your case you want to post some good pictures of your board (both sides) with or without USB C connector (as well as your replacement connector) and lets see what you have going on there. Post the pictures with your QUESTION. Bilder zu einer vorhandenen Frage hinzufügen


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Sta Tus until we see what you have going on with your board, the general rule is that you remove the old connector with low melting temp solder and hot air workstation. Use plenty of flux to remove the old connector so you do not tear the solder pads etc. To install the new connector you should preheat the board and use micro soldering iron and preferably 70/30 solder. You most likely will need a microscope to really see what you are doing. So, as you can see it can get pretty involved. If you have never done this kind of repair I would suggest you find a micro soldering expert to do that for you. Your motherboard will not be a good place to start practicing :-)

Of course you could also see if there are metal Type-C connectors for your phone like these

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Thanks for the reply

I thought maybe you would know Andrew as one of the employees at Ifixit but maybe he doesn't work there anymore Not important

The usb-c is exactly like the one you show in that link

As you can see it has 2 rows of surface mount pins so while I could solder the outer pins I have no access to the row of pins behind the first row

I have a microscope so that is not a problem The question is how to get the second row soldered before the plastic melts all around it

So you are saying using the 60/40 solder would be more difficult to solder it ?


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