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The Huawei Watch GT is a long-battery-life outdoor smartwatch, which features GPS, TruSleep, monitoring and TruScreen technology. Released in 2018. The 42 mm and 46 mm options share the same model number FTN-B19.

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Top Button Stopped Working


I went swimming with my watch on and it started to turn off and on again at intermitant times. That said, the watch now works ish, the top button wont work and if i want to turn the watch off it does so but 2 seconds later it switches back on again.

I need to know if i can fix this or is it time to buy a new watch?

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If you’re on the brink of getting a new watch it’s always worth taking a look inside the GT to see if you can find the issue and maybe fix it.
Try our opening guide for getting in. Sometimes a good clean with isopropyl alcohol and proper re-sealing does wonders. Good luck

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