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The HP Pavilion was released in 2014. It is a hybrid laptop and tablet.

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Reviving motherboard is it possible? Help!

Is there any possibility to revive a motherboard?

Im not quite sure if it really is but i plugged a portable paper shredder last night and my laptop immediately shut off. I didnt notice anything wrong except this morning, there is a faint smell of burning plastic coming from the exhaust holes, laptop wont turn on and wont charge. ( led lights are dead)


Built in battery

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Hi @ginger0123,

Did you plug it into the USB-C port, the USB 3.0 charging power port (both on right side of laptop) or the USB 3.0 super speed port (left side of laptop)?

First thing to do is to open the laptop and disconnect the battery and then check if there is any signs of obvious damage to any of the components.

Here’s a link to the service manual which may help.

Start at the bottom of p.37 to view the necessary pre-requisiste steps and then the procedure to remove the top cover and then follow on to remove the battery. After that you can safely inspect the systemboard for any damage without potentially causing any more electrical damage to the board. Mechanical damage can be another problem however so be careful and gentle when working inside a laptop etc. ;-)

If there is any damage post some pictures and maybe someone can help.

Here’s how to do this.

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Also if you can find the systemboard board number and update your question showing the number then that may also help if it gets down to finding out about specific components etc if necessary

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Hi @ginger0123 ,

if something is burned, you can easily check the burned component visually. For the complete diagnostics, you need to find the schema of the MB.

So start by disassembling your laptop and search for the issue, let us know, what did you find…

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