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Angekündigt im März 2015, erschien das Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge am 10. April 2015, als die Version mit gekrümmtem Bildschirm von Samsung neustem Flaggschiff-Smartphone.

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Replaced battery and charging port but not charging

Today, I received a new battery and new charging dock for an old s6 Edge I had that had stopped working a while back. The old battery was swollen when I removed it and I had remembered from earlier that it was diagnosed with charging port problems, which is why I replaced that as well.

Despite all this, when I plug it in to connect, it gives me a “Charging paused, battery temp too LOW” warning. Any ideas what could be the problem or what could fix it?

As an aside, the mic and speakers also seem to not be working but not sure if that was previously like this.

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Hi Yahziel,

it could be a thermistor issue or the USB charging board flex cable, you can search for the thermistor on the USB charging board and replace it with a new one, but first, check the proper connection between your USB charging board and flex cable. In 90% of cases, it’s a bad flex cable.

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If the flex cable were faulty would the headphone jack not work either? Because I tested the headphone jack with headphones and it worked.


If the flex is faulty it is not always completely not working some parts of it may still work.

I would replace the charging port assembly and see how it goes. Luckily on this model the charger port is easily removable and doesn't have the button cables wrapping under the screen like the s6 does.


In the note, all of these ideas can be confirmed by the measuring of connectivity, easily measure the contact between input and output and see, if the resistance of the connection is really near to <10ohm. Or, if the USB charging defective, you can do the same, but do not measure the connectivity if your device is under the voltage. Use the Voltage measure to see, if all of the pins are providing specified voltage. Or, measure the USB port → Disassembly it from the mobile phone → connect your USB drive without an adapter → set the connectivity test on your multimeter → first sonde place to the cable USB port (select the wire road) → second sonde place to the output from the USB port. If the resistance is on all roads <10, the charging port is OK.

@Yahziel Cruz


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