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Turning on automatically (without pressing the power button)

Hey everyone….I have just Removed my N552’s Battery (Because it didn’t work)

& now the problem is when i Put the power plug in , the laptop turns on automatically (Without pressing the power button) …..

and once it turns on…after some seconds it restarts automatically….but in the second boot the OS (Windows10) load up…..

So what do you think? (i removed the battery because it wasn’t working, i mean at 80% laptop turns off by itself)

also in battery Icon of Windows it says that (255% available pluged in)!!!!!


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Hi @ping98 ,

What happens if you reconnect the battery, does it stop doing this?

I know that you said that the battery did not work, just trying to check things.

Have you checked the BIOS settings in the event of what it does when there is a "power failure", i.e restart the laptop, stay shutdown etc.


Hello @jayeff,

If i reconnect the battery...no it doesn't turn on automatically (even if you plug in the power, the battery starts charging)

but without battery ,when i plug in the power *FOR FIRST TIME*(i mean before the power plug was *NOT* connected) immediately laptop turns on without pressing the power button...(& when i shut it down while the power plug is connected, if I want to turn it on *AGAIN* , i should press the power button (like as always i did before)...

& To be honest i'm not good at BIOS Settings (Aslo couldn't find sth about power failure)

so i took some pictures maybe you can help me with these, see links below ↓:







Hi @ping98

First , here's an easier way to post images on ifixit

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Leave the battery in and power the laptop from the charger

Next run a battery health report to hopefully find out the real condition of the battery and if it is not the cause of shutdown at 80%

Check in Event Viewer (If Win 10 installed, right click Window Start button, left side of Taskbar and then click on Event viewer link), for any Critical, Error or Warning events that may point to the laptop switching off when on battery only.

Check in Control Panel > Power Options > Change Plan setting on your selected plan > Change Advanced Power settings > Power buttons and Lid to see what actions are stipulated fore when the lid is opened or closed.

I suggest this because in your BIOS there is a setting "Wake up on LId open which is enabled (have you got Asus "Instant On" installed and turned on at all?) and was wondering if this was the reason, in conjunction with your lid power option in Windows that it started with the battery missing but the charger connected for the first time.

I don't know if your laptop has a CMOS battery or relies on the main battery to maintain the settings. Does the date and time in the laptop have to be adjusted every time you start it?

Just some thoughts.



(Sorry i can't upload images directly in post comment)

these are all pictures:

https://pasteboard.co/IJRGaN3l.png (Battery was connected , in all times of event)

https://pasteboard.co/IJRx2nN.png (all actions for lid is sleep)

https://pasteboard.co/IJRy2Eq.png (I don't have asus instant on)

But your last suggest was completely right

here is my test↓ :

At 6:55P.M. = I shut down the laptop & Disconnect the power plug

At 7:00P.M. = put the power plug in & starts automatically but the time was 6:55P.M. ( I think it save the time but it does Not change by the Clock Pulse)

& please imagine that i don't have battery....you know i want to fix this problem *WITHOUT* battery....

Also Thanks for all your helps @jayeff .....is it possible that the problem would be with OS (I mean if i reinstall windows 10 again.... the problem will be fixed...)

Because when i wanted to do Right Click on the start icon of windows in taskbar

it didn't show me the options (I think the problem is with Explorer.exe)...so i searched event viewer in start menu

Sorry my English is bad (if you find incorrect word just tell me & i'll edit it)


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Hi @ping98 ,

You can add images as an “update” to your question (in your question click on Options > Edit and then use the procedure as per the link I posted). You cannot add images to a comment.

I cannot read the screenshot for the Event Viewer as it is too small for me and when I try to enlarge it it is too fuzzy.

Looking at the other images that you posted, you have the Lid Power option set to “sleep” if the lid is closed. This means that the laptop can be “woken up” by the press of the power button.

Just wondering if you change this option to “shutdown” and with the battery removed check what happens after you have closed the lid, waited for the laptop to shutdown, opened the lid and then connected the charger and see what happens. It should wait until you press the Power button to start I think.

Can perhaps understand why you don’t want a battery in as new batteries are not that cheap. Here’s the part number 0B110-00360100 (found from this link) if you change your mind.

Not having a battery in the laptop kind of defeats the purpose of having a laptop though i.e. it is no longer a portable PC as it is tied to a power source like a desktop PC.

It may be advisable to do a “clean” install of the OS to see if this resolves the problems. I suggest however, that you do this with the battery in, as I’m not so sure that the installation will be a complete installation with it missing.

You could also then try performing a battery health check as I suggested in a comment above, just to check if the battery is OK or not and that it was a software problem and not a problem with the battery. After all, unless the laptop has had a hard life the battery is not that old.

After all this if you still want the no battery option, remove the battery and check what happens

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Thanks alot @jayeff

It worked

you know i don't carry my laptop (As you said without battery it's like desktop computer & i don't care, that's enough for me.....)

I change the close lid actions from power options to *shutdown*

and Here is the result :

when i shutdown laptop by closing the lids ....if i want to turn it on again.. i shout press the power button....(Which now is correct)

but i also test this without closing the lid

I mean even if I don't close the lid (Shut it down by windows 10 start icon directly).... next time if i want to turn it on... i should press the power button (Can you understand me? I mean during all these steps the lid was open)

& now everything is correct

But still don't understand that what the relation of this problem to lid is?

i mean why lid? (beucase lots of times i shut it down directly by windows, not by the lid)

alright let's forget about it

anyway thanks for your huge help @jayeff ....& sorry if i bothered you during all these times....

good job


Hi @ping98 ,

No problems.

I'm glad that it is working like you want it to.



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