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The Dell Inspiron 910 Laptop was released in 2008 as part of the Dell Mini Series of small, portable laptops.

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Trying to Factory reset Dell 910 mini

Tried tapping f8, there is no f11,&no disk and need to factory reset please help

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@angelsattic depends on which revision your BIOS is. Inspiron Mini 9 do now have F11 / F12 functionality (starting from bios revision A01). They have been mapped to:

Fn + Z = F11

Fn + X = F12


I dont have f11 and f12 what i do


My buddy gave me a dell inspiron 910 mini and it has all kinds of stuff on it that I am trying to delete and can't figure out how. can anyone help me


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@angelsattic you are not telling us why you need a “factory reset”. It sounds like you need to reinstall your OS. If you can still access your system try to search for a file named “WINNT32.EXE” and double click on that. It should reinstall your OS. If you can’t, you may have to invest in an external CD drive and reinstall your Windows OS that way. Of course you will have to have a restore disk or an complete operating system disk.

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Hi @angelsattic

had you tried F12 key?

If so and cannot load … maybe factory recovery partition or image is corrupted.

What OS does it comes with?

If it is Windows 7 and higher, I would suggest you to make a windows10 USB installer tool from microsoft website.


you need to use another PC / or if windows are still able to boot, to create this.

some tools @ F12 Menu I would recommend you to proceed is to do a full system check or diagnostic for any possible issues on your laptop, reason this is to check on your hard disk to ensure it is healthy.

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