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Nintendo GameCube Controller DOL-003. Erschien im November 2001, kompatibel mit dem Nintendo GameCube, der Nintendo Wii und der Nintendo Wii U. Reparaturen an diesem Gerät sind nicht kompliziert und erfordern nur gewöhnliche Werkzeuge.

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Would Sugru work to fill this in?

Block Image

Block Image

I have a Wii I explicitly bought to use as a Component Gamecube, due to the cost of actual Gamecube component cables. I may use it for Wii games, but I also didn’t even use the one from 2007 for games most of the time and that was a shared Wii.

The controllers work, but the grips have always been gone as long as I have owned them. I tolerate it, but now I think I’m going to use it enough to justify rebuilding the grips.

I am looking at trying white Sugru or an epoxy stick and matte spray paint to fill this in best I can and make it look flush. Either way, I will need to sand it.

Out of both of these materials, which one would be cheaper to use while still working as a filler? I don’t know what type of plastic they are (iconcepts game fury) but I know clone controllers enough to suspect ABS.

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I use sugru to fill in small holes but this looks like a job for a clear epoxy plus it would be nice and smooth.

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Yeah - I figured it looked like an epoxy job. I decided to look into the stick type because of how small one low is - I have attached a photo with an Exacto knife as a reference point. Would have been nice to use Sugru since it doesn't need paint though.

I would need paintable epoxy because I want the controller to pass as much as I can. What I may need to do is tape it over, fill it with epoxy and sand it as needed IF I spill.


Look at the white epoxies, paint comes off. https://www.amazon.com/Pratley-Quickset-...


@mayer I have a original bumper left :-). I can make a mold, use Epoxy to form it and rebuild without messing with the controllers.


Remember that if you are using just standard mold making material, your result will be smaller.


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