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Repair and additional information for the Samsung RF4287HA** refrigerator—a 2010 bottom freezer model with both drawer and door access, featuring an anti-sweat heater switch for controlling condensation. This page covers information for model numbers matching the pattern RF4287HA**.

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Owl noise and not dropping ice.

I have a Samsung RF4287hars refrigerator. About 1 year ago the it stopped dispensing cube ice, only crushed ice. It appeared the plunger was in the crush position and won’t go to the up position. I put a spacer to keep it in the up position and was able to get cubed ice. About a week ago we started hearing a whoop sound (like an owl who) and it stopped making ice. Using the test switch didn’t seam to do anything. When you hold a glass up to get ice the ice auger does turn.

I took the ice maker out and it was full of ice, just not dropping the cubes. I’m guessing it’s the auger motor, but may be the ice maker. Is there any way to tell? What is your opinion. Both parts are pricey and I would hate to order the wrong part. Doing some reading it looks Samsung auger motor has been a problem.

Thanks for you help.

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It sounds like you have two separate issues: first, the refrigerator is only dispensing crushed ice instead of cubed, and second, the ice maker has stopped working altogether, accompanied by a strange sound. I'll try to address both issues.

  1. Ice Dispenser Only Dispenses Crushed Ice: This issue is often due to a problem with the solenoid that switches between crushed and cubed ice. Over time, the solenoid can become frozen or jammed, resulting in it being stuck in one position. In your case, it seems like you were able to temporarily fix this problem by putting a spacer to keep it in the "up" position. However, if the solenoid is faulty, it may need to be replaced.
  2. Ice Maker Stops Making Ice: A few different issues could cause this problem. The water supply could be blocked or insufficient, the ice maker could be frozen or clogged, or there could be a problem with the ice maker assembly or control board.

The noise you're hearing could be related to the ice maker issue, perhaps something to do with the fan or the ice maker motor. The fact that the ice auger turns when you try to get ice suggests that the motor is functioning, at least in part.

You can try a few things to fix these issues:

  • For the ice maker, you can try defrosting the fridge. Sometimes, ice can build up in the components and prevent it from working properly. Unplug the refrigerator and leave the doors open for a few hours to allow it to defrost, then plug it back in and see if the ice maker starts working again.
  • You can also try resetting the ice maker. For many Samsung fridges, you can do this by holding down the "Ice Type" and "Child Lock" buttons at the same time for about five seconds until you hear a chime. Then wait for about 24 hours to see if it starts making ice again.

If this doesn't resolve your issue you may be covered under a service bulletin that has been issued by Samsung to repair a manufacturer defect with their ice makers. The service bulletin from Samsung guiding how to troubleshoot and fix this issue can be found here: https://www.classaction.org/media/samsun...

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