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Acer aspire v5-551 bios password reset

Hello. Please, I need to reset bios password for acer aspire v5-551. Removing the cmos battery does not solve the issue. If someone can show me which jumbers do I have to short for removing the Bios password, otherwise I might have to scrap the botebook.

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acer aspire v5-551 bios password

I need reset password ?


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can you try this:

How can I reset bios password?

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Thank you so much for the answer. In my case, unfortunately typing the password 3 times only locks the computer, no rescue code…


thanks again, but in my case typing out 3 wrong passwords only locks the system, without any code being displayed.


@paul123456 Sorry wrong paste:

According to this video it is possible



@paul123456 If it works please post here. others can benefit! :-)


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