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56W Battery to 97W?

Dell XPS 15 9560 that came with the 56Wh Battery and space for 2.5in Drive.

Can I upgrade this to the 97Wh Battery and remove the drive cage? Will it fit

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It will work, but you will not be able to install a 2.5” drive without downgrading the battery again. What this essentially means is you’re trading out having the option of a 256GB boot SSD+cheap mass storage for a lot of battery and needing to buy a large SSD at significantly higher cost.

You can probably get away with using the HD caddy screws if the laptop shipped with it. If not, you will need to get a set of battery screws to screw it in, or spread the screws you have out.

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Yes that's my current setup but the battery gains + nvme will be worth it. Thanks for a quick response.


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I tried this swap myself. Maybe I have a bad battery, but the 6GTPY battery was not providing enough power to run the laptop under full load. (POP OS 22.04) The system worked fine on the AC adapter, but when I would switch to battery power it would randomly hard shutoff. I narrowed it down to anytime a GPU instance started really drawing power. Both the i7-7700hq onboard gpu and the discrete 1050 would make the laptop hard shutoff. When this shutoff happened, the only way to make the motherboard responsive was to reconnect AC power before the battery would "clear the fault" and I could return to battery power.

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