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Modell A2159, EMC 3301. Eine Neuauflage des Einstiegsmodells des MacBook Pro. Erhältlich in Silver und Space Gray. Erschienen im Juli 2019.

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How to fix a broken screen


MacBook Pro 13.3 2019.

screen glass is broken, half of the screen is not functioning. is it possible to replace it DIY?

what parts should I get?

a friend of mine might be able to do this for me, he did it for older models but not sure if it’s still possible.


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Well, I’ve got some good news replacing the display is the same procedure as the four port MacBook Pro models!

Review the Teardown Teardown des MacBook Pro (13 Zoll, 2019, 2 Thunderbolt Ports) and MacBook Pro (13 Zoll, Ende 2016, Touch Bar) Displayeinheit austauschen There you can see it’s basically the same!

Sadly, this system is so new finding parts for it is not easy! Here’s one source in the UK which is out of stock

MacBook Pro 13" Complete Display - Space Grey, Apple P/N 661-12829

MacBook Pro 13" Complete Display - Silver, Apple P/N 661-12830

I would give them a call to see when they will get them in TheBookYard - Contact

MacBook Pro 13" Touch Bar Late 2016 Displayeinheit Bild


MacBook Pro (13 Zoll, Ende 2016, Touch Bar) Displayeinheit austauschen



1 - 2 hours

MacBook Pro 13" Two Thunderbolt Ports 2019 Bild


Teardown des MacBook Pro (13 Zoll, 2019, 2 Thunderbolt Ports)



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Thank you for your answer. I see the price is 800$ before tax, thought it would be cheaper. How much does Apple charge for a screen replacement?


If you have an AppleCare + service contract they discount the parts price and labor. Sadly, it's likely to be close to this price. In anywise it can't hurt to make the visit to an Apple Store to find out. They at least will have the part.


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If it helps, I’ve just a quote at a Genius Bar in an Apple Store for exactly this problem on an A2159 MacBook Pro :

Block Image

So VAT of £ 78.20 to add bringing up a total of £ 469.20

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Paul that seems low, did you have an AppleCare+ service contract for your system? You get a discount for the parts costs with it.


No, I didn’t have any AppleCare product.

I was unpleasantly shocked at the cost until it was explained to me that it’s not just a glass replacement but the whole of the hinged part : i.e. everything including the aluminium back through to the glass at the front.

Other info was that they’d have to order the part in - normally next day and it would probably be ready in 3-5 days.

Having subsequently looked at my accidental cover on home contents insurance and discovered that I only have a £150 excess to pay, this will definitely be my route.


Yes, its a bummer you can't replace the LCD panel alone (cheaper repair)!

To help see why the price they quoted still seems high the same sized display for the 4 port models 13" MacBook Pro, Complete Display Assy - Silver (New) £599 and even if you get the cheapest available (used) 13" MacBook Pro, Complete Display Assy - Silver (Grade-C) £299 And that's just for the part!

In the UK as well as EU countries you have a longer warranty period (2 years). Even still I would get the AppleCare+ contract extending the care with a service contract.

Most insurance coverage won't cover computers other than stolen from the home or in some cases your car (with proof of car damage). I was in the UK in a rental, I had stopped for food at a pub (was a great meal) on my way back to my hotel, when I got back to the car my laptop was stolen from the boot (trunk)! Reported the theft no coverage! As I couldn't prove forced entry.


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The cost became unclear after I read this comment. Paul mentioned that the cost is 469 with tax applied. And you mentioned that the cost is going up. my mac is a MacBook Pro-2019 with two thunderbolt ports. I want to know the screen replacement cost at apple store UK?

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