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The XV20 series of the Toyota Camry is Toyota's 6th generation of the Camry sedan.

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What other engines can be put into my 99 camry le?

Having engine problems, where it knocks and overheats. Mechanic says it's a crankshaft. Trying to see what other size of engines I can swap it for to get it running asap.

Thank you for your help

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What other size engine can I use


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@aprilmarie we need to at least know if it is a 4 cyl 2.2 liter 5sfe engine or a 6 cyl 3.0 liter 1mzfe. The importance here is that there are many engines that will fit from the block perspective but some swaps will require changing the heads (due to anti-knock sensors etc) and oil pump as well. So it may be a PITA to do it. You may be better off finding an engine that was meant for your model Camry.

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just get a rebuilt one of the current engine you've got, if it’s been done by a decent garage you will get some kind of warranty with it and it will fit straight in with no issues to face and will make it easier for fixing in the future.

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