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How do I disassemble a Philips GC4910/19 PerfectCare Azur Steam iron

When I use the iron, it intermittently trips the rcd. There is a single screw at the back of the handle behind the cable that I have taken out but there appears to be nothing else to remove to get inside or to get the part out that the screw was securing at its top.

Can anyone help.


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'fraid not. It's for an older model that strips down from the front. Tx anyway.


My iron just stopped heating. It was coincident with descaling but not sure if that means anything. The suggested video was not helpful.


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See if this guide will help you:

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The next thing you need to do is to remove the blue decorative cover that is over the two lower screws at the back of the iron. I am not sure how you do that without breaking at least some of the small tangs that hold it in place, but it’s not anything but decoration so not a huge deal.

Block Image

After that, the other thing that isn’t intuitive is removing the top bit of the handle. This is held in place by 4 tangs on each side. I did it by a combination of working a flat blade screw driver at the seem between the upper and lower part of the handle and wrapping a pair of pliers with a cloth and squeezing the top part together while pulling it from the lower part of the handle.


Block Image

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