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Released 2013, identified by model number PS 5530. All-in one printer, scanner, and copier. Also has web and wireless properties.

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Why can't I print on sticker paper?

I recently bought a few packs of Quirkii Matte Adhesive Paper (200GSM, 210mmx297mm) but am having major troubles printing it on my HP Envy 5530 printer. The paper feeds through for a few centimeters before becoming ‘jammed’ before anything gets printed. I’ve tried playing around with paper settings, cleaning the rollers and even trimming down the sticker paper for it to feed through easier but nothing seems to work with this stock at all, just normal A4 printing paper. According to the specifications of the printer on HP’s website I should be able to use this paper with no issues. Anyone got any suggestions please?

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The stickers may be pealing off as they are being fed to the rollers. Check to see if these are rated for ink jet printers as they may be for laser printers.

To check grasp the paper on the top and bottom, you could use your paper towel holder with the towels removed. Pull the paper around the retaining pin and see if they start to peal up.

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Hi, thanks for responding! The stickers are still intact throughout the whole process, I’m thinking at this point I may just need to buy new sticker paper :(


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Check the paper weight and make sure it’s within the specs of the printer - you have one of the 90% plastic/10% metal inkjets and they aren’t as generous about going over/under on media spec as the all metal ones were. It has to be between 64 g/m²-90 g/m² per HP.

If you’re within that range, I would check the rollers for excessive wear and tear since inkjets are cheaply built and the modern ones all seem to wear out at ~5 years these days. As the rollers wear, they tend to be stubborn about accepting paper that once worked well. That said, it may still be fine but you need a heavier paper - providing they aren’t so worn out it doesn’t take that type anymore. In some cases, a rubber rejuvinator brings it back to a working state for a little longer, providing it doesn’t need to be completely torn apart to access them - but be forewarned once you need to intervene with rubber rejuvinator, it’s time to start looking for a new printer. On this model, it doesn’t look too bad since the integrated paper tray is easy to remove which looks like it will give you full access to the roller.

Typically once it’s that worn down all types tend to suffer but it may be possible for it to print plain paper fine BUT have trouble with thicker materials. The problem is the texture is also gone, which is why it loses it’s ability to grip the paper properly. It can show intermittently or persistently - I’ve seen it both ways. It sounds like it’s worn down enough to jam with sticker paper but takes normal paper.

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