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Black and silver single cup coffee maker with water reservoir on the left hand side. K40/K45.

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Reusable filter works but not the pods?

I find numerous scenarios of the reusable filter overflowing, but that is not my issue. My reusable filter works just fine; however, the actual K-Pods don't. I put a K-Pod in the keurig to brew but all it did was spill water over the top of the pod and onto the kitchen counter. When I opened the keurig it did show the needle hole where it did penetrate the top of the cup but the water didn't brew the coffee. The water just flowed over it instead of into it like it would with the reusable filter. So why will it brew with a reusable filter but not the K-Pods?

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@daviscr87 take a look at the bottom of the pod and see if it was punctured there as well. If it has not been the water will run back out on top and will not go through the pod. The reusable filter is most likely open (screen design thus the water can escape)

Öffnen und Reinigen einer Keurig Kaffeemaschine step 2 shows it. Possibly a different model yet still the same idea.

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Thank you! That fixed my problem. Somehow the prong that punctures bottom of pod was bent. My husband straightened using needle nose pliers and it works now!


@janice.falls AWESOME. Glad my answer helped and GREAT that you got it fixed!


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