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Why is my notebook turns off when under load?

I have a brand new Asus Zephyrus M GU502GU notebook (i7-9750H, GTX 1660 Ti, BIOS v307). I did some stress test using the Intel Processor Diagnostic Tool and realised that when the notebook in ‘Windows’ or ‘Balanced’ mode, and when the test reach the ‘Math’ section it will turn off instantly and do a restart. Another thing I realised is that in these modes the notebook's fans are too slow i think. It runs about 3000 rpm. It does not do throttling, just turns off. Is it OK, or the notebook is faulty? In turbo mode, the fans are running max speed (6300 rpm), while the temperatures are about 85-90c and the test is passing.

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The laptop is shutting down as a last protection against high thermals. In the Asus Armory Crate software you want to always select the turbo fan profile when doing anything that will stress the system such as gaming and other performance and stress tests. Windows and Silent mode are for browsing or working in non gaming windows apps. These 2 settings will keep fan noise down but do little to reduce heat.

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