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Carbon brush stuck in machine

My kitchen aid stand mixer wont turn on. I watched a video and it said that the carbon brushes could be old. My mixer is 1 year old so i said screw it and ill take a look. Turns out the spring was not even on the carbon piece and now i cannot get the carbon brush out of the machine. I dont have tweezers small enough to pull this out and apply the spring to see if this was the problem. Is there any way to help out?

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You are probably not going to like thus answer. The machine has to be disassembled to push the brush out from inside. The following Service Manual will cover disassembly and checking the speed adjustment after re-assembly.

Make sure that the chamfered side of the brush is in the correct position.


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I had the same problem and thought I would have to take apart the whole thing.

I started to, but when I tried to remove the pin from the planetary (you have to use a hammer), the impact alone made the brush go out by itself!

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Had the same issue. I ended up taking a small screwdriver and just ever so gently nudging the carbon brush loose and then tilted the standmixer to smack it out by tapping on the opposite side.

Now my Artisan runs like new (which it just so happened to be as well…)

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FYI, make sure the standmixer is NOT plugged in to any outlet of course! :)


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