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2.4GHz, 2.7GHz, oder 2.8GHz quad-core Intel Core i7 Prozessor (mit Turbo Boost bis zu 3,8GHz) mit 6MB geteiltem L3 Cache.

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Camera seems to only do low resolution, can it be changed:

Asking for a friend: The built in camera does not produce HD and I can’t seem to change any settings to make it so. The screen saver looks great, anything from online is fine, it just when I take a screenshot or livestream, it is a lo res.

I’ve looked online if there’s a way to change my camera settings, and have only found “scaled” options, but there’s nothing there. Holding down “option” was suggested too, but that’s for a different operating system.

So I can’t help but think there is something wrong with the camera. I’ve cleaned the screen, turned up the brightness, checked and rechecked the display settings. I can’t find any other reason.

Here’s an example:

Block Image

Update (04/20/2020)

Block Image

here’s the image, taken seconds apart in the same conditions, with two different computers.

Update (04/21/2020)

Block Image

Here’s the pic of side by side comparison.

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Much better!

Even still its a bit grainy. Save your pennies and get a better camera like a GoPro.

Here's how to set it up How to Use GoPro Hero7 Black as a Webcam on a Mac


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The FaceTime Camera is: 720p HD so while the letters HD are present in the label it’s not the best of the HD specs 720p vs. 1080i vs. 1080p

Apple hasn’t improved the MacBook Pro’s camera since the unibody 2012 MacBook Pros! And even the very latest 2019 models still have it. I would recommend getting a GoPro clipped on the lid.

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Thanks for this. I'm the friend who was asking. What I'm not clear on is the picture on the left was taken with an early2013 MacBook Pro, and the photo on the right was taken by a late 2013 model. So essentially the same machine, but the quality is markedly different....Any ideas? Thanks! S


The lighting is not consistent between the images and your position from the camera is also not the same.

Do you have a Color Card? If not print this one on a 4x8 page (filling the full page).

Place it in the exact same alignment and lighting between the two systems. That will give you a common framework to work off of. Of course plant your self in the pic too ;-}

It's possible the anti-reflective coatings are missing on one of the displays so the faint color shift I see might be a factor.

Lastly, are both systems running the same OS release and the same app?


Hey Dan, many thanks for the detailed comment and questions. The darker image computer is running Mojave , and the lighter image computer is running High Sierra. I agree about the light source, but in my option you can see that the microphone in the photo is less clear in the darker image. i'll see if I can add another example that was taken seconds apart in the same spot. I'll look into the colour card and give it a try. Many thanks for this.


@Steve Wright - OK, lets try one more test. Can you create a bootable external drive with the OS who's image you like and then use it to boot up your other system to run out the OS elements.

Do you know the history of both systems i.e. did you buy them new? Did you strip the anti-reflective coatings on one? Did you get one of the displays replaced?


Jurgen here again. The machine which seems to have the issue with resolution came through me, If I remember correctly the early 2013 had a display on which I removed the coating. Some of the machines I receive have of course the coating issue, and I remove it when it goes beyond what I would consider acceptable. I use the Listerine trick, and surely there is a possibility that it might affect the glass and or camera, since it involves a lot of rubbing to get the coating off. If that is indeed the cause, then I learned something here, namely that removing the coating around the camera is not advisable....


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