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The LG Chocolate Touch VX-8575 features a 3.2 Megapixel camera and camcorder, Dolby speakers, bluetooth and internet capabilities.

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How do I remove condensation between the touch panel and the LCD?

An area of condensation has formed along the upper left side of the touchscreen of the phone, rendering the device virtually unusable for anything accept for what can be done with voice commands.

There isn't any visible moisture in the device and it hasn't been dropped into liquid. The phone was left in the car, in the sun, but that seemed to make the spot bigger.

I've tried leaving silica gel packets in the battery compartment when not using the phone, and also leaving the device in a sealed container of dry rice in an attempt to draw out the moisture without success.

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@oldturkey03, Thank you for your answer.

I found the service manual to be very helpful except for the separation of the touch panel from the frame. Apparently, there is a thin plastic between the touch panel and the LCD, and that is where the moisture is. The touch panel appears to be very securely glued into place and I'm not equipped at this time to try to loosen it. I am happy to report that there is no other indication of moisture damage.


Excellent and I hope you get it back in shape....good luck.


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David R Thurber I think at this time I would suggest that you disassemble your phone. The issue is more than just the condensation, eventually it will form corrosion on the inside of your phone. Disassemble it, clean it according to this guide. Not certain why the condensation would have increased when you had it drying out in the sun. Unless you have relative high humidity in your geographical area...anyhow give it a try. BTW if you need the service manual for your phone, you can download it right here Good Luck

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+ Good advice and a service manual.


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