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Der Logitech UE Boom 2 ist ein wasserdichter, tragbarer (IPX7) Bluetooth-Lautsprecher mit 360°-Sound. Er ist in vielen leuchtenden Farben und Mustern erhältlich.

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My charging port is broken. Can it be replaced or fixed?

Hi guys,

Just wondering if anyone knows whether the charging connection (female end) can be replaced on the UE Boom 2? Or is it better to just buy a new speaker?


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It can be replaced.

Here’s the iFixit UE BOOM 2 Micro-USB Anschluss austauschen guide, that shows how to access the USB port connector.

If your UE Boom 2 won’t charge or loses battery life quickly, see the UE Boom 2 Won’t Charge or Loses Battery Quickly problem page for possible causes and solutions.

Here’s a link to just one supplier of the part. It is only shown to give an idea of what it looks like and how much it costs. There are other suppliers that may suit you better. Just search for UE Boom 2 USB port connector to get results.

You will need soldering skills and tools to do the repair.

if this seems too daunting for you to do yourself, perhaps you know someone who has the skills and tools, etc. You provide the replacement part, tell them about the iFixit repair guide and voila!

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Thanks a bunch!

Definitely not my cuppa tea so maybe I'll just find a biz that does the repairs!


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