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Reparaturanleitungen und Informationen über Microsoft's Surface Pro X, ein ARM-basiertes Windows-Tablet, erschienen im November 2019.

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Can I upgrade my Surface Pro 7 Processor?

I was looking at the specs for my surface pro 7. The processor it has is a Intel Core i5-1035G4 which is operating at 1.10GHz. However i noticed that the processor should be able to handle a “Max Turbo Frequency” of 3.70 GHz when using “Turbo Boost Technology.” I would like to use the processor at full speed but do not know how. Can I use the “Turbo Boost Technology” on my surface? If not, can I replace the processor with one that has a higher speed?

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Ah, this is the Qns section for the Surface Pro X, not the Surface Pro 7. But yes, all devices of this form-factor cant have components swapped out, there are the occasional exceptions, but usually not for CPU/GPU/RAM.


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Unfortunately for products like the surface, pretty much all components like the RAM and processor are soldered into place. And by running your CPU at it’s boosted clock speed will put more stress on the cpu and impact battery life. Why do you need it to run at the boosted speed all of the time anyways?

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Unfortunately not. The only “upgradeable” product in the Surface line is the Surface Pro X that has an accessible slot for upgrading the RAM (And inserting a sim).

You can ensure you performance is at its maximum by ensuring your power options are set to the best possible settings (Note: this is at the cost of battery life).

Click on the battery icon on the right side of the task bar, then ensure the “Power Mode” slider is moved all the way to the right side for “Performance”

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