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Repair information for the Nextbook Ares 10A. Released in December of 2016. Model number: NX16A10132S.

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Can I use micro hdmi port to charge nextbook?

Can I use hdmi port to charge my tablet? My USB port is broken.

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Short answer is NO.

You cannot charge the tablet’s battery using the tablet’s HDMI port. The battery’s charging circuit is connected to the tablet’s USB port.

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No you can’t, as HDMI and mini HDMI are for display and sound output only. I would try and find a replacement USB port and repair it, or take it in to a repair shop.

I hope this helps.

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It’s possible but not terribly practical.

The +5V pin on an HDMI connector is required by the HDMI 1.3a spec to provide between 4.8Vdc and 5.3Vdc at 55mA or more. That’s only 11% of the output of a USB 2.0 data port and 3.7% of a USB 2.0 Battery Charging Spec port.

Or, to put that in practical terms, it would take about 60 hours to charge my LG V10 smartphone from an HDMI port. That’s assuming, of course, that I had it switched off because, in practical use, that’s not enough power to offset the power the device is using.

This is why many small devices that plug into HDMI, like Google’s Chromecast, are still powered via USB. There’s just not a practical amount of power available at the HDMI port. The intended purpose of that power is simply to power the device identifier ROM on an attached display sink to allow the display source to see what’s attached, regardless of its power state.

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Hi @george441 ,

Are you sure that the tablet's HDMI port controller would switch the power into the tablet to charge the battery? How would the tablet's HDMI controller know to do this? The tablet's HDMI port is most probably configured to provide power, video and audio out only, not in

I'm assuming that the OP meant using a HDMI connection from another device connected to the tablet's HDMI port to charge the tablet's battery.


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