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RC helicopter needs a new battery

My old RC helicopter is no longer charging and I think the battery is exhausted and needs to be replaced. It contains a 3.7V 100mah battery called 601720.

I have been looking for it online, but cannot find anywhere I can buy a battery cheap. Alibaba has minimum order of 1000 pcs. On other online stores they have other models of the 3.7V 100mah battery. Like 651620 or 751517. What is the difference between these models? Do I need the 601720 battery that I cannot get hold of?


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Hi @henrikho ,

Try this one

The 601720 on your battery refers to the dimensions of the battery, 6.0mm H x 17mm W x 20mm L.

The convention with batteries is that the 1st two digits are the height of the battery in mm and there is a decimal point between the two digits which is not shown, the next two digits are the width in mm and the last two are the length in mm .

The battery in the above link will physically fit into the space and has the same capacity as the original battery. Because it is thinner you may have to pad out the compartment to prevent it moving about too much though.

Have you tried searching for (insert helicopter make and model number) battery as sometimes batteries are listed for the device and not by their specifications?

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Any 3.7 volt 100 mah battery will work as long as it has the same connector to plug it in. I would also try to get a battery shaped similarly so it sits the same and weight distribution does not change.

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Hobby king has a great selection of batteries, I need to replace my LiPo 1500mah 11.1v battery for my quad, and although haven’t bought from them yet, seem to be able to deliver to US and UK.

As Josh said, check the connection, being a single cell is should have the same universal connection, but worth double-checking.

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